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Shuanghor new membership registration via new e-registration online, just fill in your details and information requested, you will become one of our member family. Register now at or scan the above QR code for more details of the registration online.
Shuanghor e-pendaftaran for any person in Malaysia or Indonesia who interest to join us at Shuanghor. Visit to register as a member now or scan the QR code above for more details of the online membership registration.
New e-registration via online by Shaunghor for any members from Malaysia and Indonesia. Visit or scan the QR code for more details.
Sponsor Name and distributor nomber
used for Shuanghor e-registration online.
You can selected any one of the below name to be your sponsor in the e-registration form at
1. 2504752 Mr Chong ket kiong phone no 0128188000
2. 4407101 Mrs Clara godfred tozuu phone no 01135567838
3. 4207275 Mr Lee p. V phone no 00103107586
4. 4320794 Mr Kah tzu kang Phone no 0128171707
5. 2810873 Mr Liew kian Vun phone no 0109439299
Sponser name and distributor nomber used for the Shuanghor online e-registration membership.
Shuanghor e-registration website, visit here and scan me now..
Tick the sponsor box and pick any of the name and distributor nomber state above, you might need to fill in the e-registration form in step 2
Tick the box like this at the sponsor box, write down the name and distributor nomber you selected for the above, and fill in the details in step 2 of the registration online.
Shuanghor lingzhi products for a healthy life.
Scan here to Shuanghor e-learning online

Ceo coffees Malaysia team are ready to work together with you, for a better tomorrow, should you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us at 0128188000 (Mr Chong kt kiong), at Ceo coffee we all are happy to hear from you.

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