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For a long time in the past, coffee used to be regarded as a beverage to refresh, relax, and rewind oneself. In recent decades, increasingly extensive research findings have pointed to the fact that coffee is capable of catering the human body with so many of other health-enhancing benefits, indicating that it could well be the answer to preserving holistic wellness and preventing diseases.


“Tasty and yet Nourishing”

They key lies in selecting the right coffee that possesses health-giving attributes. True to the natural tang of what it takes to be original, Shuang Hor CEO Cafe not only retains the great taste factor for a refreshing hit but also helps taking good care of your health!
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Business Plan

Be inspired with limitless possibilities with a cup of coffee.

An opportunity to change your future

To transform your life today. it begins with 111 Café Business Plan

WHAT is 111 Café Business Plan?

A simple yet effective replication method, transform your life to a brighter future begins with every month a box of coffee consumption and a share out this business plan with your friends.

Q: What are the requirement for renewal in 111 Café Business Plan when the 12-month ARO signed up before had completed?
  • Please fill in and submit the 111 Café Business Plan Renewal Form if there is no charges on your personal details. A new ARO form is required to fill up if there is any changes.
  • Free Delivery for monthly subscription of 2 boxes of coffee and above!

Q: How do we join 111 Café Business Plan?
  • For existing distributor, it’s require to sign up Automatic Re-ordering (ARO) Form.
  • For new member have to become a distributor and subsequently sign up the ARO Form.


Testimonial ceo Lingzhi coffee to share reviews about the experience with lingzhi ganoderma.

Ceo Lingzhi coffee ganiderma

Major constituent: Ganoderma Fruit Body Extract


  • Formulated using Yung Kien Number 1 (YK-01), a Lingzhi spawn of supreme quality developed by Shuang Hor Group, Yung Kien Ganoderma is rich in triterpenoids, macro molecular polysaccharides, Ganoderma nucleotides and LZ-8 proteins.
  • With its unique blend of effective constituents, it helps fortify the immune defence, speed up metabolic rates, consolidate the physical constitutions and enhance metabolic functions of the liver, hence contributing to preserving optimal health through its long-term consumption.
  • It has conformed to the most stringent inspecti


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